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Steel vs Wood

I want to talk to you about steel versus wood.
let’s talk about the foundation in post frame construction. foundation is the post go three feet into the ground, in steel or wood frame or in steel construction they’re going to have to put footings, all the weight is transferred to the post in post frame construction.

let’s talk about steel versus pulse frame in this respect.
in pulse frame we’re going to put a two by six every two feet on our girts or that’s on our walls, on our roof we’re gonna put them every two feet also so everything is two feet apart and everything is wood screwed back into the trusses and back into the post.
in steel you’re going to put a purlin every three to five feet and on the roof you’re gonna put them every three to five feet so theoretically what you have is twice as many purlins and girts and post rain construction as you do in steel, and that also means you can have twice as many anchors or screws attached to the trusses and attached to the posts so it’s a lot stronger.

your columns we’re going to use a six by six every 10 feet and still they’re going to put a column every 20 feet, we’re going to put a truss every five feet they’re going to put a truss every 15 to 20 feet, so we have twice as many columns supporting the building versus steel one of the big advantages of post frame because it’s a wood frame your cost to to put your electrical is going to be a lot cheaper because you can use romex throughout the the building versus conduit, that’s a big cost one of the big things we saw many many years ago was that uh we got the post protector which was which we talked about in earlier segment the post is in the post protector which means the post is in the ground but it’s protected so it’s really not in the ground.

and so that’s a big advantage in that you save money not having to put all these footings because the slab is actually floating, one other big advantages of post frame because it’s a wood frame you have a lifetime warranty against rust lifetime warning gets rot and fungal decay on steel they’re not going to give you a lifetime warning against rust, that’s the big advantages the other thing you need to understand is what a lot of people do if you build a steel building typically they come standard with a picture of one or twelve to two and twelve we come with a standard four and twelve and you need to be at four and twelve one on twelve and two and twelve in louisiana is not a good idea because the amount of rain we get the other thing about post frame post frame is much better at handling the elements because everything is treated and it does come with lifetime warranties against rot fungal decay rust all those things.

so when you’re looking to buy a building and you’re comparing that metal to wood and then you know the other thing is some people build residences with steel buildings and so what they do is they put up a steel frame and then they put a wood frame inside so they built two buildings, and so your cost to turn a a steel building into a born a minion or a home or residence is going to be much more expensive if you just straight with pulse frame because you’re dealing with wood and you won’t have to create another ceiling uh you’re gonna you’re gonna stud between your walls it’s it’s gonna be more typical a lot less expensive than tackling steel from that perspective.



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